Oceanographer for a day

Would you like to know how marine scientists works?

Through this experience participants will enjoy a fantastic day on the sea at the same time they learn how important is the ocean in our lives. By participating in this experience they will discover how marine scientist work, will learn how science is made through observation, and will participate by collecting and interpreting samples in real time.

Did you know the oceans produce half the oxygen we breath?

To whom this experience is projected?

To all the people that loves the nature and in particular the marine environment. It is developed to satisfy people looking for a participative experience onboard at the same time they discover local aspects of the place they are visiting or living.

At the end of this experience visitors will know…

1. How an OCEANOGRAPHER works

Measuring environmental variables and collecting seawater samples.

2. Why GALICIAN RIAS are one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world

Galician rias water movement is linked to an oceanographic process that only occur in particular regions of the ocean, explaining the incredible biodiversity hidden underneath the sea surface.

Did you know that seawater in Galician rias is cooler in summer than in winter?

3. Why MUSSEL raft culture is so important for galician economy

Mussel raft culture in Galician rias is a good example of environmentaly sustainable activity, being extremely vulnerable to water quality and to the possible effects of climate change.

Did you know that mussels favourite plate depends on northerly winds blow up?

4. Why PLASTICS are so harmful for the ocean

Did you know that major problem related with plastics is not visible to eye?