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Addressing climate emergency

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Citizen Science as a powerfull tool to engage people in marine conservation

Citizen Science involves members of the public in the observation, analysis and eventually also the design of scientific research. Benefits include enhancing monitoring capability, empowering citizens and increasing environmental awareness.

European Marine Board

Why protecting Galicia´s marine heritage?

Galicia is located NW Spain in a beautiful region where the coast looks towards the Atlantic Ocean. Our coastline is formed by the famous Galician Rias Baixas, four V-shaped embayments that gradually widen seawards. The shoreline, with its more than 400 km, is admired around the world; however, despite the spectacular treasures we can found underwater, the marine environment is frequently ignored.

We want to share our marine beauties with you!


Embracing sustainability

The fact that climate change is affected by humans may not be avoided anymore. The Intergovernamental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently published a report where hundreds of scientists show evidences, causes and conquenses of global warming. It is time to take advantage of this knowledge and embrace a more sustainable live. This is a must for every person living in this beautiful planet.