Citizen science

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is any activity that involves the public in scientific research and thus has the potential to bring together science, policy makers, and society as a whole in an impactful way. Through citizen science, all people can participate in many stages of the scientific process, from the design of the research question, to data collection and volunteer mapping, data interpretation and analysis, and to publication and dissemination of results. Citizen science is also an approach of scientific work that may be used as a part of a broader scientific activity.
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Our projects

The world of plankton

Understand how the ocean breaths and how important its heartbeats are in our live

With this project we want to help global science to understand how climante change is affecting phytplankton, those tiny organisms that constitute the base of the marine food chain. With your participation you will help us to collect essential data in Galician waters by taking part in a huge citizen science project lead by Dr. Richard R. Kirby, who founded the global citizen science Secchi Disk study.

Climate change: red code for humanity

What is our role to avoid climate disaster?

For several decades the scientific community has been warning of global warming caused by the use of fossil fuels by man. There are many consequences that this fact can have at the climatic level, among which we can highlight the increase in extreme events such as storms and floods, the greater frequency of heat waves and / or periods of drought, the reduction of oxygen in the ocean,
etc. That is why at present there is a great effort on the part of the different social agents to reach agreements that improve the lives of all; and without a doubt, citizens are a key piece. That is why we would like you to help us know your perception of what this problem is and how it should be faced.