Baiona bay hidden treasures

Best natural refuge for sailors crossing the Atlantic, Baiona Bay is the perfect place to understand how important is the ocean in our daily life.

Baiona bay hidden treasures

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Additional information

Baiona Bay has been one of the most important places in Galician history. Its position close to the border between Spain and Portugal, and the fact of being the southernmost natural refuge for sailors coming from northern Europe, convert this beautiful town in a paradise for those who love the mix between ocean and storytelling.

The trip is for people of all levels that would like to know why the ocean is important for us. We will spend 3 hours at the sea sharing all our knowledge about Galician´s ocean ecosystem. We want to give you the opportunity to collaborate with us in a citizen science project which aim is to learn more about how climate change may affect Galician waters.

Would you like to be a marine scientist per one day?