How the ocean connects Galician culture with other communities around the world?

Photo:  José Suarez (Allariz, Ourense, 1902 – A Guarda, Pontevedra, 1974)

The most important fishing areas around the world are located in the western part of the continents, including California in US and NW Spain in Europe. This is because an oceanographic process –so called coastal upwelling- favors the arrival of high-nutrient waters that allow undertake productive marine food webs. This fact explains that in these priveleged environments, fishing was considered one of the most important economic activities for centuries. At this point, the question is: despite being separated thousands of kms, why these communities look so similar? Might be the ocean detemined the way we live?

The upper photos were taken in Monterey (California) and the lower photos were taken in Galicia (NW Spain).