Scientific tourism experience

Scientific tourism experience

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Additional information

Discover the Atlantic Islands of Galicia marine national park as a marine scientist.

Accompanied by marine scientists  and official guides of the national park, you will learn about marine ecosystem of this Atlantic region, and also will be part of a global citizen science project throught which you will understand how our beautiful ocean works.



With this experience we submerge you in the world of marine research. You will learn about a marine ecosystem that is at the epicentre of the greatest marine national park in Spain.


* We have different kind of boats to accomodate different needs.



We will sail from Baiona or Vigo towards the islands of the national park enjoying a unique landscape in an environment of incomparable beauty. Throughout the voyage we will sail accompanied by a marine scientist, who will explain you the main characteristics of this Atlantic region which singularities attract marine scientists from all over the world. In addition, this experience will allow you to participate in a global citizen science project whith the aim to understand how climate change affects the ocean productivity, and in consequence, our lifes.

We will also visit one of the islands of the beautiful national park. To do so, we will disembark and follow an interpretive route accompanied by an official guide of the national park, visiting some of its most emblematic viewpoints. Last but not least, we will discover underwater treasures with visual material of the marine flora and fauna. For the most intrepid visitors, we have snorkeling gear to discover with your own eyes this unforgettable ecosystem.

Scientific tourism

Come and share our mission with us!

This experience includes:

  • Interpretive route of the marine ecosystem by a marine scientist.
  • Interpretive route on one of the islands of the national park accompanied by an official guide of the national park.
  • Participation in a citizen science project related to the marine environment.
  • Oceanographic instrumentation to carry out the activity.
  • Marine outreach material.


  • Menu on board or in some of the restaurants on the islands.
  • Virtual reality experience to discover underwater treasures.
  • Snorkel material (including mask,  fins, neoprene and submersible interpretive material).